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Senior Dogs

If you’re fortunate, you have lived, or currently live, with an old dog.

If you have ever loved an older dog, you will know that as our canine companions age, their needs change. It is important for us as dog owners to provide them with the care and support they deserve in their old age. Increased time spent sleeping is a common occurrence with senior dogs. An old dog may seem content to sleep the day away, only getting up to go outside, to the bathroom, or for meals. However, while they may not be able to handle rigorous exercise as in the past, older dogs should still engage in regular activities that stimulate their body and mind.


With this program, I would like to help you unlock the secrets to keeping your senior dog active and fit. We will explore toghether appropriate exercise options, tailored routines, and mental stimulation exercises to ensure that they lead a vibrant and healthy lifestyle.

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Schedule your Initial Consult

Our first session will last approximately 60 minutes and can be held at Maison Dog or virtually via Zoom. During this time, I will collect information about your senior dog, such as their medical history, daily routine, and everyday care needs. Based on this information, I will prepare a plan to keep your senior companion active. 

80€ per session (60 minutes)

Time to learn new tricks!

After we define your dog’s needs during our first appointment, we will review important concepts together, such as recognizing and addressing common health issues, strategies to manage cognitive decline, ways of keeping your dog active, and adapting your home to face your senior dog’s mobility challenges.

€180 (3 hours program)

The 2 terms are often used interchangeably. To specify the difference, senior is just a number. Generally speaking, large breed dogs are considered senior, around 5-6 years old, while small breeds may be considered senior at 8-10 years old. Geriatric means they are becoming frail and encountering loss of abilities. Geriatric dogs are more fragile, may be experiencing muscle atrophy and are weaker, causing mobility issues, are often visually impaired, and are more dependent on us overall. They need special attention to their hygiene when they have accidents in the house and sometimes slip and fall in them.
Hearing loss, vision loss, mobility issues, altered sleep-wake cycle, canine cognitive dysfunction, and incontinence are common health issues that can affect old dogs.
The senior dog program is held either at Maison Dog or virtually via Zoom.