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Dog Boarding

First class dog boarding in Luxembourg

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Reactive dog

Your dog seems to hate every dog on the street and your walks have become frustrating and exausting

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Aggressive dog

I know first hand how challenging and stressful is living with an aggressive dog. It’s scary and heartbreaking

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Fears and Phobias

Storms, fireworks, hard floors, even the vacuum – there are lots of things that our dogs might be afraid of

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Cooperative Care

Reduce stress during medical care at home, vet visits and grooming appointments

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Senior dogs

Learn how to navigate your dog's senior years and fulfill his changed physical and mental needs

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Classes and Events

Find events and classes that might interest you

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Your dogs deserve the best

Empowering dog owners in Luxembourg and beyond to unlock the full potential of their furry companions!

I pride myself in delivering personalized dog training that caters to your unique needs, along with unparalleled dog boarding and care services to ensure your four-legged friends receive nothing short of the best.

Let’s embark on an exciting journey together and watch your dogs flourish like never before!

Committed to excellence! I approach dog care and dog training with an authentic desire to perform better tomorrow than I did today, even though today I am giving my best.
I am dedicated to training and caring for dogs without the use of force, fear, and aversive methods. I use reward-based training in all aspects of behavior modification. No shock/ecollars/prongs/choke collars are used…they’re simply not needed.
I promise to always be honest and speak the truth to my clients. Whenever a dog is unhappy at my boarding, whenever I feel a different trainer will serve you better, whenever I think your expectations will be too heavy for your dog's shoulders, I will tell you! The physical and emotional well-being of the dog is always my priority!

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Dog Boarding

First-class dog boarding in Luxembourg

Dog Training

Positive training for rewarding results

Quality Care

First and only Fear Free certified Dog Boarding and Daycare of Luxembourg

Fun Activities

5000 square meters of land and at walking distance of one of the biggest forests in the country

Special Needs

Special care for seniors, injured, disabled dogs

Vet Care

Strong collaboration with the highly appreciated Clinique Veterinaire des Cerisiers

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