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Have you ever felt like you cannot leave your companion with a sitter or another kennel due to behavioral sensitivities?

With Behavioral Boarding, your companion will be kept safe and enriched by a certified trainer and behavior consultant while you are away. This service is ideal for fearful dogs, shy dogs, dogs that generally cannot thrive in busy kennel environments, or dogs that cannot attend regular boarding programs due to past bite histories.

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While this is a boarding program and does not include structured training, every effort will be made to provide enrichment that is safe for your companion. The main focus of our boarding program is minimizing emotional distress and prioritizing your companion’s behavioral health through lowstress handling and when needed, working in protected contact to empower your dog to make the right choices while staying with us.
All first-time guests must pass an assessment day to evaluate fit with our routine. Assessment days are limited to low season. Due to high demand, consider booking your dog's evaluation day a few months in advance.
The main goal of Behavioral Boarding is to minimize your dog's emotional distress, which may not be achievable during high-demanded periods. I will be able to give you more indications after my evaluation following the assessment day.
Currently, demand for high-season stays is very high. We strongly encourage making your reservation up to 10 or 12 months in advance.
I accept uncastrated or unspayed dogs on the condition they pass the evaluation day.
Rabies, distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, and kennel cough. All dogs must also be treated against ticks, worms, and fleas.
During the evaluation day, I will evaluate whether your dog suffers from separation anxiety or isolation distress. Separation anxiety is when a dog needs constant human presence, and the company of other animals is not enough. Isolation distress is when a dog is anxious when left entirely alone but can cope with other animals' company. If I notice a separation anxiety-related problem, I won't be able to care for your companion. If this is your case, I recommend pursuing private, in-home training with a CSAT-certified trainer to reduce emotional stress on your companion. Drop me an email if you need to be directed to trainers specialized in separation related problems.
Any cancellation or amendment (high and low season) must be notified at least 30 calendar days before the booked check-in. After this deadline, a 50% of the total amount is due. Maison Dog will charge in full any booking cancellation notified less than 15 days prior check-in. These conditions always apply. Only exception is in the event of your pet’s sudden death. Maison Dog will immediately pursue in Justince any non-compliance to the Cancellation and No-Show policy. Maison Dog will send email reminders 30- and 15-days prior check-in to warn the you about the expiration of the deadlines. Sent email reminders are archived. A missed, unread, or lost email reminder will not impede Maison Dog’s cancellation policy to become effective. Please understand Maison Dog operates in the same way as a hotel or an airline company (fixed dates) and that Maison Dog cannot offset for the inconveniences and the liabilities arising from poor planning and/or approximate bookings.
To not derail my daily routine nor the one of my guest dogs, check-ins and check-outs happen upon appointment during the time frames stated below. Before your dog's check-in (30 and 15 days prior), you will receive emails recapitulating your booking details and the expected arrival time. I plan my personal and business week based on your booking times. Any last-minute change in the drop-off and pick-up time will be subject to a 25€ fine. I won't be able to accomodate changes whenever I have a personal appointment, a private coaching session planned, or I am coaching a training class. Monday 8am-9am / 6pm-7pm Tuesday 8am-9am / 6pm-7pm Wednesday - closed Thursday 8am-9am / 6pm-7pm Friday 8am-9am / 6pm-7pm Saturday 8am-9am Sunday 6pm-7pm Bank holidays - closed